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Question of the Day
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This page is where a question is asked and different people can respond to it. If you see a question that you would like to answer just tell me what your answer is and I will get it on for ya! Thanks bunches!


If you could possess one special talent what would it be and why?

Being really good at skateboarding and soccer.  - Ashley Turner

I would like to be a REALLY good singer and perform on broadway (dream on eh?) OR to be a much better writer! - ME, Alicia Ring!

Being  better built with lots of muscles   -Annonymous

I would probly to posses the talent to sing becuase i love singing and music alot..and my dream is to become a famous singer w/ my pals ina band -Allie R. M.

Ummm...I would want to read peoples minds. That would be awesome, to be able to know what people are thinking when they see you, Very cool dude. -Lindsay