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ThE DiVinE SaNcTuArY oF aLiCia
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Creative Souls Shoutouts

"Creative Souls" is the name of the message board where I spend the majority of my online time.  The description of this board is: "Have some poetry to share? Read a good book you want to tell others about? Here's your chance!" I first started going there because of my interest in writing, but now the people there are some of my best friends. We are like a whole little online family.  Every once in a while we get a smart @$$ newbie that tries to run everything, but for the most part everything runs smoothly. I can't even begin to say how much the boards mean to me. This page contains my shoutouts to all of my "creative souls" friends.

** Da §hOUtOuT§ HaVe BeGuN! **
Tracy- What would the board be without you? You and Adrienne are the babies, but I have to tell you, you are super mature for your age. Keep being your sweet self and stay away from Lindsay (I hear she sees dead people).. just joking Lindsay!
Adrienne-  Hello there  board baby #2!  hehehehhehee... I have your picture freshly printed and waiting for my dorm room at Tech..
Kelly- Kelly girl, I will NOT give your address to ANYONE.. and I do mean ANYONE *whispers* "hey, kelly's address is.....! "  Just joking!  It's been great getting to know you !
Elise- There is no use in me specifying which Elise I am talking about. Two words will explain it all... STAR WARS! lol... You know all the words now to Episode II... Girl, you have far too much time on your hands!
Maria- Hey, do you remember that one CG where we were in a cabin with a bunch of people and there was a big blizzard so we had to stay there?  You were a guy and I was a girl and we "fell in love"??? Do you 'member?  Sorry, that just popped into my head and made muh laugh!
Skye- You know me because I am the one who loves your name... Kyrie Skye.. How bootiful! Completely and utterly bootiful! lol...  So girl, I am going to miss you. I expect you to write me this summer :)  hehehehehehe
Lindsay- Guess what.. I have packed clean underwear for this summer *smiles proudly* Arn't ya just so happy for me? And proud of me?  I remembered!!!! Now, on a serious note, what am I going to do away from you on the boards all summer. You always keep me laughing!
Andi- Hiya! How b's u gurl??????  You know, talking to you makes me feel like singing.. Here goes " ya gotta have friends...."  Sorry, shrek moment coming on!  But, you don't mind.. right? You should be used to me by now!
Christina- Hey tina.  It's been great talking to you chica! And your boyfriend is really nice... No, I am not getting any ideas! lol
Rachel- Hey girl.. I also have your picture fresh and ready to be posted proudly on the wall of my dorm room *laughs*..  You are a great friend to have with the boards...
Hannah- Hannah Bananna... fee fo fanna ! (sorry, I haven't been able to do that since elementary school and it was just tempting). The boards wouldn't be the same without ya!
Lily- Lily, we all know and love you!  Your great on the boards and we couldn't be the same without you there...
Avis- You are one of those people who has like a hundred and one odd screen names so it's hard to keep up with you.. but me still wub woo!
Lisa- I don't really talk to you all that much on the boards... It's just that we never get in the same topics.. but you are really talented
Lauren- Lauren girl, I never see you on much anymore... And I miss your old orange_cow sn name.. but guess what, I still love you Lauren!!
Elise- This is for the second Elise, and not the one obsessed with Star Wars.. <--- *whispers to everyone else-- "if you ask me, she is the normal one"-- just joking!  Well anyhow, hi girl! lol... It's been great talking to you online too. 
Chaos- How ya be, Chasity?  Hey, that rhymed... yeah I have soullll! *smiles* But anyhow girl, i really love having ya to chat with on the boards.  You're a fantastic person, and one of many who makes the boards so special.
Riley- How are ya?  I like having ya on the boards. You're a lotta fun to talk to, and you are definately into CG's!
Riley- The cgs certainly would be a lot weaker without you! lol. And you are just a kool person all around! lol

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