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ThE DiVinE SaNcTuArY oF aLiCia
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My Writing Page 2

Here is some more of my writing

Award Winning Poem

I wish I could write a good poem
an award
The kind of poem
that makes you stop and say
I never thought about that"

I want to write something brilliant.
I want
I need
to throw away my kindergarden rambles
and mix beauty
with strength
and words
and have it all

I want to be a poet one day
but I can barely
write a sentence
at times.
It seems they are always too incomplete
missing something
something desperately needed.
So much for being a poet,
I guess.
Maybe I could work behind a counter
"would you like fries with that"
I could go home and write about it
And maybe
I would write a good poem
an award

Can you?

I admire you
your strength
your passion
your liveliness.

Do you?
Do you admire yourself?
Do you?
Do you see what I see?


I am a wall.
I am your wall
I hide behind myself.
You call my name
and over

I echo a remark..
a slight, cliched phrase of doubt.
"Please hang up and try your call again.."

Will you
keep calling?

Keep dialing...

Keep trying..
Will you hold me tight
refusing to let me give up
-give in- ?
Will you knock down the wall that is me?
Can you erase the blinding shadow I created?
Can you lead me to the right place?
Can you sit me down
and say "this is it!" ?

Can you be more than you are?
Can you
will you
- have you?-

Model Me

Why don't you flaunt your intelligence in my face a little more?
You should know just how pathetic I truly am,
so go ahead and feed your ego on that.
Make a banquet of humor
and endulge yourself in it.

You sit me up as your model.
Your plaster just dying to be transformed.
You shape me,
with a violent push,
and I sit quietly,
squishing under your ficious touch.

Your intelligence is self absorbed
yet I can't seem to see past you.
Just when I think I'm coming to my final conclusion on you
I shake my head
(oh no, I've mistaken you for someone else)

Show me off to a few friends
"this is my creation;
still in progress"
Laugh at me when I take my own path.
Mock me for my views
until I melt down
and allow you to re-shape me.

I would like to walk away
-- run away
but I'm held to my base
by the clue of your words.

I've been fooled
tricked into false security
and you are pulsing at the heart of it all.

do you keep me
running back?