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Meredith Brooks


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The formative years...

Meredith was born in Oregon City, Oregon in the year of 1958.  She moved to Corvellis Oregon where she grew up with her mother, sister, and brother. Her parents were divorced, and her father was a retired county sheriff.  She learned to play guitar at the age of 11, and by the time she was 15 she finished high school.  She played in a variety of bands, hoping to get noticed, all the while sending out demo tapes and playing in clubs. In 1984 her first album, See It Through My Eyes, was finshed, but not released until 1997. In 1986 she moved to Los Angeles and continued playing in bars. In 1988 she joined a band called the Graces, and one year later they released "Perfect View." Unfortunately, in 1992, the band split up.  Meredith then got married to a mand named Russell Jackson and continued playing in bars.  In 1996 she completed "Blurring The Edges" which was released in 1997.  In 1998 her marriage ended in divorce. The following year was spent on the road, touring. Then in 1998, she realeased "Deconstruction."  Now, after 4 years of anticipation, Meredith has released her newest album, "Bad Bad One." 

At a Glance

Date of Birth: June 12, 1958
Education: She graduated high school at the early age of 15
First Professional Role: Playing with The Graces
Biggest Hit: Bitch